Parents FAQs

What age range of students does SKP photograph?

We specialize in preschool and daycare portraiture for children from 4 months to 6 years of age.

Does it cost me anything to have my child’s photo taken?

No. We do not charge a sitting fee. The photography service is free, you only pay for the pictures if you like them and want to keep them.

Does it cost the school anything to have portraits taken?

There is no charge to the school.

How will I know that a photo day is scheduled?

SKP will send your school large posters to display and a stack of hand-outs well in advance of photo day.

What if I don’t remember about photo day?

No problem. Since we provide all costumes, props and accessories we will be able to complete the photo session for every child.

How do I prepare my child for photo day?

Other than mentioning that today is photo day there is little else you need to do. SKP provides dress-up wardrobe and props so there is no need to worry about what your child wears to school. No need to remind your little one to “be sure to smile” or “sit up straight” and so on, we’ve got that covered.

Does SKP offer sibling portraits?

Yes, siblings may be photographed with the student during their photo session.

When do portrait sessions occur?

Photos are taken in the morning, when the children are at their best. Typically the session will start around 9:00 AM and last until about noon.

How long does each child’s portrait session take?

The average session lasts about five minutes. Because we take the time and care to capture the best pose and smile possible, some sessions may take longer than others.

How many days are needed for larger classes?

We average 25 to 30 photo sessions a day. For classes larger than 30, we will typically schedule extra days. For example, a class of 90 will take three days.

Is there a minimum class size?

The minimum class size is 25 students. If your class has less than 25 students, ask your school director to contact us for more information and options.

How many poses does each child get?

Each child will have a number of photos taken with the goal of providing each parent with a portfolio that includes eight different poses.

What products does SKP offer?

Parents may purchase a portfolio that includes up to eight high-quality proof prints on the day of their child’s photo session. Parents may also order prints and/or a CD or USB flash drive with high resolution digital images of their children’s photos. All digital media will include a copyright release which gives the purchaser permission to print the images.

What size prints are available?

Print sheets are available as one 8 x 10, two 5 x 7, eight wallets or one 5 x 7 + four wallets. You may order as many print sheets as you like.

How much do the pictures cost?

We will share our prices with you on picture day. SKP is committed to offering more value for less cost than other companies.

When do I need to pay for pictures?

A portfolio with eight proofs will be available for your viewing on picture day. If you like it, you may purchase it at that time. You may also order prints or digital media at that time. All ordered items are purchased in advance.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, or money order.

Does SKP offer “free” give-away items?

We prefer to focus on providing the highest quality images in the shortest turn-around time possible at a price that is less than our competitors. Not offering “free” give-away items helps us achieve this goal.

How long does it take for ordered items to arrive?

Items will arrive at the school within three weeks of the final order date, often much sooner. Every order will be individually packaged and labeled but will be shipped together in one box for distribution by the school’s staff.

Can families place a second order or reorder more prints?

Yes, by contacting us here or by emailing

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes. We will provide free replacement for any defective items.

What locations do you service?

Spotlight Kids Photography focuses on servicing schools in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties however we would be happy to consider traveling to other areas in southern California. Ask your school director to contact us for details.

I’m interested! How do I arrange for Spotlight Kids Photography to visit my school?

Ask your school’s director to contact us here or at

I have more questions and would like some more information.

Contact us here or at We look forward to hearing from you.